5Preparing To Go On Mission:  Making A Commitment

Have you ever considered participating in a mission trip where you share your faith with others and tell them about Christ?    We are currently working on options for the next 18-24 months.   Destinations to be announced soon.   In the meantime, here is what we need for YOU to do:

  • Pray about your role in any upcoming mission trip or service project.
  • Start saving and setting aside funds to help pay your way.  (A safe estimate will be $2500 per person for a foreign destination and $750-$1000 for a domestic destination.)
  • Commit to participating regularly in Sunday Morning Bible Study and Worship.
  • Ask your friends and family to pray with you for wisdom and discernment regarding a trip.
  • Take time to put your personal story of your salvation testimony in writing.  What is it that you want to share with others about Christ’s work in your life?
  • Update your passport if you are considering a foreign destination.

Preparing To Go On Mission: Funding

If you are considering participating in a mission trip, the FIRST thing to worry about is whether or not this is what God wants you to do.   A secondary worry is how to fund the trip.  Yes, these trips can be expensive.  At the same time God always provides the means for His work to be accomplished both in and through us – including the financing of your trip.  Whether you are an adult or a high school student wondering how to fund a trip, here are few ideas:

  • Eat in vs. Eating out
  • Cut out a weekly luxury & save those funds
  • Yard work, mowing the lawn
  • Offer to powerwash your neighbor’s driveway
  • House sitting/Pet sitting/Baby sitting
  • Chores around the house
  • Take on an extra part-time job
  • Sell excess stuff on Ebay or Craigslist (under parent supervision.)
  • Make something to sell on Etsy.com

The goal of saving your own funds over allowing someone else to pay for your trip demonstrates personal sacrifice on your part.  Mission trips always seem to mean more to the participant who has made a personal sacrifice along the way.  Either way, preparation today allows for participation tomorrow.