In 2011, Katy’s First entered into a partnership with Pastor Teofil Mihoc and the Biserica Crestina Baptista Jibou in Romania.  While the partnership primarily serves as an opportunity to train and encourage fellow pastors in northwestern Romania, it also serves to plant churches in remote villages around Jibou that do not have an evangelical Baptist presence.  Each of these churches are pastored by a local Romanian, home grown, pastor educated at a Baptist seminary in Romania.

From time to time, we are able to send a team from Katy Texas to Jibou to physically participate in the work being done in the area.  It is our privilege to partner with brothers and sisters in northwestern Romania while the opportunity exists.  Throughout the last century, Romanian Christians have experienced many periods of persecution.  Since the 1989 revolution, they have experienced relative freedom to share the gospel and to plant new churches.

If you would like to know more about how you can be a part of the incredible relationship between Katy’s First and Biserica Crestina Baptista Jibou, please contact and we will visit with you about how you can be a part of our Romanian partnership.